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How to Keep Your Septic System in Great Condition

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Edmonton's experiencing an increase in homeownership from family homes to duplexes to condos. A rising homeowner population suggests a greater need to know about your septic system.

The $3.6 billion septic system market reflects the importance of knowing about septic system services. To prevent Googling 'septic service Edmonton' in a crisis, learn how to keep your system in check.

Whether you're new to homeowning or to caring for your septic system, you can influence your home's health with the following steps. Here's what to know.


All About Septic Services


Septic systems need cleaning every 2-3 years. If you're a long-time homeowner learning this, it's time to discover local septic companies.

New homeowners don't always have the edge. While a home may be new to you, that doesn't mean the septic system is.

To prevent septic system problems, here's how to care for yours.


1. Flush, Drain, Waste


When people hear 'septic', they imagine human waste. While that's true, different types of waste impact the tank.

After examining the things we flush, drain, and waste, it's easy to appreciate septic systems. Sound septic systems mean using the following machines properly:

  • Toilets and showers

  • Washing machines and dryers

  • Garbage disposals and sinks

Whatever gets waste from inside the house to outside impacts the septic system. The following increase septic problems and the need for septic tank services.

  • Chemical drain cleaners

  • Frequent laundry use

  • Low-efficiency toilets and laundry machines

  • Dumping cooking oils, fats, and greases in the garbage disposal

  • Flushing anything other than toilet paper

Understanding what hurts septic systems prompts mindful living. Knowing how to dispose of different substances correctly can impact your purchases. Instead of chemical cleaners, why not boil water? 

Septic systems encourage mindfulness around how you use your home systems.


2. Repair Leaking Systems


Nothing wastes water more than leaky faucets or toilets. Beyond its sound and wastefulness, leaks make the septic system work overtime.


3. Pump


The septic tank needs pumping when the accumulated waste reaches 6 inches. Since it's difficult to know that yourself, it's best to pump regularly. Preventative action combats future septic episodes.


4. Know Your Drain Field


Depending on your home's plumbing lines, your drain field's somewhere outside the home. Knowing where to locate your drain field helps preserve the area. Avoid driving on it or damaging the surrounding area for utmost longevity.


5. Know When to Get Help


If you experience gurgling pipes, sewage backup, discoloured water, or spongy grass near the drain field, it's time to learn what 'septic service Edmonton' means for you.

Draining, cleaning, pumping, and maintenance tips come with the benefit of professional help.


Septic Service Edmonton


The best septic system treatment for you depends on the specific problem. Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services is a long-standing family business that locates the problem, fixes it, and educates you about it to prevent future incidents.

Next time you're thinking 'septic service Edmonton', you'll know who to call. Contact Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services today to see how a proper septic system can relieve you of your waste – for good!


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