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Pumping a Septic System

Professional Holding Tank and Septic Cleaning Services in Edmonton and Sherwood Park

The best way to keep a holding tank clean is to understand its inner workings. How does the waste behave, and how can you keep your tank healthy? It’s important to know where the waste goes and the structure of the tank itself. Depending on the type of system, the average septic system needs to be cleaned every two years, and keeping your tank clean is crucial to ensuring that the entire system continues to work properly. That’s where we can help you! At Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services Ltd, we are committed to delivering high-quality holding tank and septic tank cleaning services in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.


A clean holding and septic tank will ensure better surroundings and reduce significant health hazards that can affect the neighbourhood. However, if it is neglected, it can lead to an unpleasant odour, and the untreated wastewater might overflow into your yard. Reduce the risk of structural damage, such as cracks and leaks, by regular cleaning of the holding tank and septic tank in Edmonton. Periodically pumping and cleaning your holding tank and septic tank also depends on the size of the tank, the number of people using the system, and if a garburator is used in the kitchen. If a garburator is used in the kitchen, the bacteria in the tank will not be able to break down the solids, so the tank will need to be cleaned much more often.

With the help of our trained experts, you can learn how we design and install holding tanks and septic tanks in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Be a part of sustainable waste disposal systems to prevent the waste from going to landfills. Call us today to schedule your holding tank or septic cleaning service in Edmonton.


What Is a Holding Tank?


As the name suggests, holding tanks are tanks installed to hold wastewater. They usually have a capacity of 1000 to 3000 gallons and are suitable for places with limited space, like smaller houses, trailers, RVs, or boats. Holding tanks can be made of plastic or concrete, and they are used to store wastewater until it is pumped out.


A holding tank merely stores the wastewater because it does not have a system to release the treated water. Therefore, it must be emptied regularly and transported to a treatment facility. If you need more details or require holding tank services in Edmonton, let us know. We’ll be right at your service.

Septic Tank Diagram

What’s the Difference Between a Holding Tank and a Septic Tank?


See the diagrams and find out!


Here, we present the basic liquid/solid layout of a septic tank. Wastewater enters the septic tank and separates into three layers:

  • A layer of scum composed of mainly soap, grease, and toilet tissue floats to the top.

  • Water, liquids, and suspended soils form the middle layer.

  • Resting on the bottom of the septic tank is a layer of sludge made up of heavy organic and inorganic materials.

Unlike a holding tank, a septic tank does not just hold wastewater. It is designed to release wastewater by allowing it to seep into the drain field. The process helps the septic tank to make room for additional waste, providing more long-term use than a holding tank. While both will require maintenance and pumping services, a septic tank can be pumped every 3-5 years, but a holding tank must be cleaned more frequently (approximately every 6-8 weeks.)

Holding Tank Cleaning and Pumping Solutions

It is important to note that holding tanks require more frequent maintenance than septic tanks. These tanks do not have an outlet for excess water, so they must be emptied regularly as all household wastewater and waste are collected in them. The pumping frequency depends on the tank size and the number of occupants, usually occurring every month or every three months.


If your holding tank includes a sump pump that moves the fluid from your home to the tank, we check it during the pumping process to ensure it works correctly.


To ensure proper maintenance of your holding tank, we offer a scheduled pumping service that will help keep your system running smoothly. Connect with us for dependable holding tank cleaning and pumping services.


The Importance of Holding Tank and Septic Cleaning


There are several risks of not cleaning the holding tank or septic tank. The sludge from the tank can overflow into the drain field and back up into the house. This can cause severe damage to the entire plumbing system. Therefore regular cleaning of your holding tank and the septic tank is important to ensure that your system stays in working condition. There are many other benefits of getting your holding tank and septic tank cleaned from time to time:

  • Protects your household against diseases: Sewage contains various harmful pathogens that can cause diseases and infections. Sewage leaks and spills are a grave threat to your family’s health.

  • Saves money: Routine holding tank and septic cleaning can save you a lot of money in the long run. Timely cleaning of your holding tank and septic tank can save it from any major repair costs. The professionals at Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services Ltd can spot issues in your system before they become a headache for you.

  • Good for the environment: Untreated sludge may also find its way down underground water reserves, contaminating usable water. Our holding tank and septic contractors can inspect your system and detect any issues by preventing hazardous substances from harming the surroundings.

  • Increases the life of your holding tank and septic tank: Septic systems are susceptible to clogging and other blockages, which may lead to the system’s failure. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the system will have a prolonged life.

  • Enhances overall efficiency: Routine cleaning of holding tank and septic tanks offers them much-needed rest and the opportunity to dry out. This improves the performance of the tanks, which ultimately helps you avoid costly repairs.

For more information or tips about holding tank and septic tanks, please read our blog.


Why Choose Us for Holding Tank and Septic Cleaning in Sherwood Park and Edmonton?


When you choose Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services Ltd, you can rest assured that our workmen will provide you with quality service. Our experienced team has years of experience and can perform holding tank and septic tank cleaning efficiently. We offer the following:

  • Prompt and quick service at competitive rates

  • Professional solutions by an expert team

  • Dedicated problem-solving skills for all kinds of septic systems

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly services

  • Certified and trained workers adept at all aspects of fieldwork

Give us a call now, and we’ll help you with your holding tank and septic cleaning in Edmonton.

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