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How to Prepare Your Septic System/Septic Field for Winter

septic tank winterization

Sub-zero Canadian winter temperatures can cause serious damage to your septic system, so It's important to take action to prepare your septic system for winter. 

If you want to maintain a healthy septic system during winter, here are some tips to help you! 


Winterize the Pipes 

Damages to the pipes leading from the house to the septic system are one of the most common winter septic system issues  

The pipes can freeze and burst, causing a messy sewage leak. To prevent this, make sure to winterize all outside water lines, and empty the pipes as much as you can. Consider insulating any exposed pipes even further with heat tape or other methods. 

If you have a leaky pipe, fix it now before the cold weather hits, as part of your winter preparation. It's much easier to do this when the ground is soft and pliable. 

Inspect Your Septic System 

When preparing for winter, have your septic system inspected if you haven't done so in a while. The professional team from the septic service company can inspect your septic system thoroughly to detect and repair any issues, so you can rest assured during winter. 

Insulate the System 

If your system is exposed, it's more likely to freeze in the cold weather. 

Insulate the pipes and tank with foam or bubble wrap to help prevent this from happening. You can also use a cover made of heat-reflecting materials. Aluminum foil or reflective film are the best products to use. 

This will help prevent the freezing of water inside the pipes. 

Pump the Tank 

If you haven't pumped your tank in the past year, it's time to do so. If you live in an area that gets below-freezing temperatures, be sure topump the tank before it freezes. This will help prevent damage to the system and keep your leach field from getting clogged with ice. 

It also prevents the water that is left in the system from expanding in the tank and causing more damage. 

Check the Condition of the Leach Field 

Make sure that there are no clogs in the leach field. During strong rainstorms or snow melt, a blocked leach field will cause problems. If left ignored, a blockage can lead to septic tank failure, so address any issues as soon as possible! 

If  there's an access pipe to your tank, make sure it's also clear of snow and ice. 

Prepare Your Septic System for Winter 

Your septic system needs regular septic tank maintenance, regardless of the season.  

Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services Ltd has been serving Northern Alberta since 1985.  

Our team is well-trained and licensed. Rely on us for your septic maintenance, repair and inspection. 



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