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 Septic Tank Installation Specialists in Strathcona County,

Edmonton & Area

At Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services Ltd, we provide the design and installation of sewage treatment systems. Our goal is to provide the best suitable septic system that has the least effect on the environment and the water table. At Ardalta, our technicians are government-certified with AOWMA and ready to tackle any design or installation challenge.

Install a septic tank and be environmentally responsible while disposing of waste in your house. A septic tank can help in separating solids from wastewater and partially decompose the solid material as much as possible; this allows the liquid to go into the drain. This can reduce the effect on water pollution and also reduce the burden on sending solid waste to the landfills. 

With our septic tank installation specialists in Edmonton, we provide solutions to remove every step of wastewater from your home or business.



Design and Sewage Treatment Systems, Septic Tank Installations:


The design and construction of the septic tank will be determined by the architecture of your house or location where you need to install the septic tank. We take proper measures while constructing the septic tank to not damage the existing structure and leave enough space around the tank for movement.

  • Site Evaluations to Determine Which Type of System is Required

  • Soil Samples in Different Locations and Elevations to Determine Type and Size of System Needed

  • Getting Permits

  • Installing New Septic System

  • Third-Party Inspection Recommendations


Septic Tank Replacing:

  • Size and Replace Tanks

  • 20-Year Warranty on Tanks


Different Types of Systems Available:

  • Orenco Systems® Inc. Septic Systems

  • Treatment Mounds

  • Pressurized Chamber Systems

  • Drop sand filters

  • Open Discharge

  • MicroFAST® advanced treatment systems

  • Advanced treatment with an at-grade is the system of choice wherever possible

Alarm System Installations for Early Detection of System Failure:

  • Hi-Level Alarms in Septic Systems

  • Lo-Level Alarms in Water Cisterns


Treat your newly installed septic system in Edmonton right with these helpful tips. Get regular septic tank cleaning services from Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services Ltd. and maintain its health.


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Get professional septic tank installation service in Edmonton from Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services Ltd and be environmentally responsible. Contact us today to get an estimate for your project.

Maintain the quality of your septic tank with routine cleaning.

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We are committed to proper environmental practices.


Does your septic tank need repairs? Do you need to replace your tank?

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Service Area

  • Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

  • Ardrossan

  • Beaumont

  • Sherwood Park

  • Fort Saskatchewan and Area 

  • New Sarepta

  • Cooking Lake

  • Mundare and Area

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