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Facts About Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic Cleaning

Septic tank maintenance is not hard for a professional, but if you aren’t experienced–it can get a little too overwhelming and complicated. You should remember the dos and don’ts to keep your septic system working if you own a septic system. Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services has been providing septic services for 30 years, holding extensive knowledge of septic systems.


Check out the list of basic facts we put together about septic cleaning:

  • A septic tank must be cleaned every two to three years, based on the wastewater generated, size of the septic tank and volume of solids in the wastewater.

  • Septic tank systems with mechanical components like electric float switches and pumps require frequent maintenance to ensure smooth functioning.

  • A septic tank needs to be pumped if the layer of scum at the bottom of the tank is within six inches or if the top of the sludge layer is within 12 inches of the T-shaped preventative outlet.

  • The intervals between septic cleanings can be extended by using water more efficiently and making sure there is no wastage of water. Install high-efficiency toilets and showerheads, fix any leaking taps and run the washing machine at an optimum load to maximize the utility of its water consumption.

  • Using a garburator to dispose of food items will push more solid waste into the septic tank and the bacteria in the system will not be able to break down the waste completely. Thus, using a garburator will increase the frequency at which septic cleaning is necessary.

  • Adding bacteria additives to the septic tank helps improve the process of breaking down the waste. However, this does not remove the need to pump the septic tank regularly.

  • Septic cleaning should not be done without professional help. The waste that is pumped out is toxic and improper handling of its storage or disposal can lead to serious health risks. Also, the disposal of the waste has to be carried out following strict federal regulations.

We understand that septic cleaning is a complicated process-working in this field since 1985. Count on Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services for all your septic tank requirements. We provide septic tank cleaning, installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our vacuum trucks pump out septic tanks efficiently and dispose of the waste safely.

Contact us today to get a quote on septic cleaning today!


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