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The Truth About Septic Tank Problems

Septic Service

Having a septic tank, you have to be careful to avoid overdoing or ignoring certain things. Ensuring everything is working as it should is crucial in order to prevent messy mishaps. Septic tanks are complicated, and issues arising from them can go undetected by an inexperienced person. You’re going to find it challenging to point out the origin of the problem.

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Signs of Septic Tank Failure

Septic tanks need routine maintenance. Depending on the frequency of use and the septic tank capacity, you will have to schedule maintenance checks with your local septic service providers.

Take a look at the issues that indicate septic tank failure:

  • Water and sewage back up from sinks, bathroom drains and toilets

  • Gurgling sounds in pipes, taps or the plumbing system

  • Water draining very slowly in your bathtubs, sinks and showers

  • Bad odour in and around your home and backyard

  • Spongy lush grass in your lawn, either over the plumbing or the septic tank

  • Algal blooms in nearby water bodies

  • Water seeping out of the ground in your yard or garden

A septic system is failing or malfunctioning if you are experiencing these signs. There could be several reasons, but it all comes down to maintaining your septic tanks properly.

What Happens When a Septic Tank Fails?

Your septic tank is the place where all your household waste is deposited. When the system fails, whether it is a leaking pipe or the failing drain field, the sewage water gets out of the system and reaches where it shouldn’t. It can contaminate groundwater and surface water, such as ponds and lakes nearby. The dangerous contaminants such as pathogens, bacteria and other chemicals released may cause severe damage to the environment around you.

Septic Tank Problems

A few everyday things that might cause the failure of your septic system are:

  • Clogged Pipe

A pipe clogs between the plumbing system and drainage when water from sinks, bathtubs

and showers drains slowly. It’s a relatively easy problem to fix. Your septic service provider

can snake the line to unclog it. Pipes are clogged due to sludge accumulated in the pipes or

from things that should not be flushed down the toilet.

  • Outlet Pipe Clogged

This can cause sewage water back up in the pipe and into your home. It may be a sign that the

tank receives too much input and cannot process it in time. You will need to clean the effluent

filter to unclog the outlet pipe. You may also have to get your tank pumped to solve this


  • Failed Drain Field

Sewage back up in your home, bad odour in the yard and mushy spots above the septic field

means your drain field has failed. This can happen due to solid material filling up the tank or

that the system was operated inappropriately. Contact a professional to learn the best course

of action.

What Can You Do?

  •  Have your septic tank pumped regularly to avoid any leakage or overflow

  • Conserve water and don’t unnecessarily have water pouring into the septic system 

  • If you have a community sewage system available nearby, have your septic system connected.

  • Avoid flushing solid materials such as paper towels, diapers, sanitary napkins, plastics or non-biodegradable items.

Contact Septic Service Professionals

The professionals at Ardalta Vacuum Truck Services Ltd are happy to help with any further questions. Pump sales and service inquiries? Ask us!

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