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Tips to Avoid a Septic Tank Backup

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Most people don't know this, but 21 out of 23 flushable wipes aren't actually flushable! They don't disintegrate in drains, as the companies claim. This is even more damaging if you use a septic system in your home, as throwing these wipes down the toilet can cause septic tank backup. This isn't the only thing that can cause your septic tank to be backed-up. Keep reading this blog to learn septic system care tips

Careful What You Flush Down

No matter what kind of toilet you are using, you should always avoid flushing down sanitary napkins or tampons. But with a septic tank, you need to be even more careful! Don’t ever flush down paper towels, flushable wipes (no matter what the package says, they aren't flushable), make-up wipes, or any feminine products.

Also…What Goes Down the Kitchen Drain

The same applies to your kitchen drain. You need to ensure all your plates and pots are cleaned out into the garbage bin or compost before you wash them. This way, your septic tank won’t get clogged up with organic residue. This takes an additional step when you are doing the dishes but will save you hundreds as you avoid septic tank backup.

Don’t Overdo It With the Laundry

Remember that your septic tank system can only handle a certain amount of water at a time. So if you have guests over, you will want to be careful about how much laundry you do.

Regularly Inspect Your Septic Tanks

How big is your septic tank? You should be more careful if it’s smaller than 1000 gallons since it’s more susceptible to backups. Make sure to have your septic tank regularly inspected by a professional.

A Septic Tank Backup Is Preventable

You'll be fine as long as you follow the advice above and have regular septic tank inspections. Make sure you schedule inspections and septic tank cleanings as needed. Contact Ardalta Vacuum Truck Service Ltd. for any septic services, including installation, repair, and maintenance.


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